Income Limited

Thank you for your interest in MODA at Monrovia Station! We look forward to having you as a resident.
Rents may vary based on resident’s income and household size. Please see our qualifying standards below.

Resident/Applicant Household Size and Income Qualification Category
All prospective residents over 18 need to provide one of the following:
• Pay stubs for three most recent pay periods
• Income tax return for most recent prior tax year (only applicable until June of each year)
• Income verification from applicant’s current employer
• Income certification from SSA or CA Dept of Social Services

Based on chart with resident’s income/HH size, we will determine if prospective resident qualifies for our rent savings program and if so for which income tier level:

2022 Income Limits
Household Size 80% AMI 100% AMI 120% AMI
1 Person $66,696 $83,370 $100,044
2 Persons $76,224 $95,280 $114,336
3 Persons $85,752 $107,190 $128,628
4 Persons $95,280 $119,100 $142,920
5 Persons $102,902 $128,628 $154,354

Please call Call: 844-258-0138 if you have any questions.